Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I know, I know, it's been about forever and a half since I've last posted. I have excuses that you might accept though! Midterms, constant homework doing, lots of boyfriend time, quite a bit of neopets, figuring out what I want to do with my life, helping my boyfriend's parents with moving-ish (they haven't gotten a new house yet, but we're figuring out if we are going to help them move, if they should move, and who is going to live in their old house), finals are approaching, Thanksgiving and the boyfran  and my birthdays were in the way, Christmas is almost here, and I don't know what my other excuses are besides I really have to pee.

But I'm sitting at school as I type, blogging instead of writing this paper that is worth half of my final for my English class. I have a math review I should probably go over before Saturday, and I have about, hm, let me count...6 chapters of history material to read before Monday. Fun stuff! Let's just say my first semester of college was quite the reality check.

I'm sure by now you have guessed that minimal knitting has been accomplished during this time period. But trust me, I plan on getting a lot of things done over my month long break!

I think I'm just going to tell you my life story at this point, and you are going to listen gosh darnit!!

I've decided to transfer schools. I'm going to go to the technical college in the fall. What I was going to do here isn't exactly ideal anymore. I was going to study Studio Arts with a concentration in crafts, and I saw somewhere on the school website once that a lot of students have gone into interior design with that. What I was planning on doing is have a full-blown Etsy business and use the skills I learn there and put them in my shop. I discovered i only enjoy knitting for myself. Awesome.

So after that revelation I went to see if there's an Interior Design major here, because Interior Design is awesome and it has a lot to do with texture and patterns and colors which relates to my crafty side. Good idea, right? Wrong! There is no Interior Design program here! So I'm doing my research and I'm looking through the required classes at Gateway and there is a lot more to Interior Design than Introduction to Fibers. So transfer I shall do. I'm really excited about it though so that is a good thing.

Uhm, other than that bit of exciting news I don't really have much else to tell my non-existant readers.

Hopefully my next update will be a bit sooner than a month and then some from now.

PS. Pet peeve? People that use... dots... after... everything they say... Just sayin'... Yeah... Facebook is the best way to annoy somebody...

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